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About RWF Talking Software...
Formed in 2001, RWF Talking Software developed the first completely speech enabled Talking Dictionary for PCs. Since then our most popular Talking Dictionary product has been cloned by a much larger company. Choose the original, best and (dare we say) the “Ultimate” Talking Dictionary for Windows.

RWF Talking Software’s prices are intended to make our software products accessible to all - and we are continuing to review methods of improving the global availability of our products.

RWF Talking Software believes that the customer comes first - always. Our support is completely free.

The products created by RWF Talking Software are designed for people with eyesight problems, especially the blind. These products also prove very helpful for people who have dyslexia or learning disorders. It should be noted that these software products are also extremely useful for all computer users whether they are disabled or not.

If you would like more information about this company or any of the software products it is responsible for please contact us.