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Making money from RWF Talking Software’s products
If you are interested in selling our talking software products for commission we are happy to assist you. You can buy discounted CDs from us directly to sell in your own store or you can sign up as an affiliate with one of our ecommerce service providers.

If you’d like more information about buying CDs from us directly, please contact our sales manager Richard Fairbairn by sending an email to talkingsoftware@btinternet.com. Richard will be happy to answer any questions you have about pricing, advertising and licensing rules.

Talking Dictionary can be sold from your own website. You’ll make a very generous 40% on every sale confirmed by your site. Our affiliate system is extremely fair. Visitors and demonstration downloads are tracked from your website. Even if the visitor makes a sale at a later date you’ll still get credit for it!

If you’d like to sign up as an affiliate to sell our products online, please follow the instructions below:

Step One:
Sign up as an affiliate by following the link below”:

Step Two:
Using the BMT Micro affiliate control panel, navigate to the full product list as shown below.

RWF Talking Software affiliates

Type in “talking dictionary” where indicated and press the enter key. We sell the download and CD copy of Talking Dictionary as two separate products. These will be shown in the result list as indicated below:

RWF Talking Software affiliates

Step Three:
Click the Join button. The screen will discreetly change to the one shown below. If you look carefully you’ll note that there are now two new labels. They both say “Show Links”.

RWF Talking Software affiliates

Step Four:
Click the labels to show the links you will use for your sales page, as shown below. The first link is the important one. This is where your sales will come from. The second link will allow your visitors to download our demo. You’ll need to add these links to your website yourself - or ask your website designer to take of it.

RWF Talking Software affiliates

Its really as simple as that. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to
contact me and let me know. Full instructions for setting up your BMT affiliate page will of course be found on the BMT affiliate site (url as above).