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Control Overview:
The visual or tab-navigable controls used by Talking Dictionary are:

Large and Small Buttons
Enlarge and reduce the text size.

Options and Speech:
Show advanced options and speech controls.

Show the keystrokes used.

Activate help file.

Exit the program.

Hide to system tray.

Say Word:
Speak the current lookup word.

Give a summary for the current lookup word.

Give definitions for the current lookup word.

Give synonyms for the current lookup word.

Back, Repeat and Forward:
Navigate forwards and backwards and repeat the last statement.

Spell the current synonym, spell check alternative or crossword candidate.

Used to lookup currently highlighted synonym, spell check alternative or crossword candidate.

Basic Keystrokes in Use:
Press F9 for a list of all basic command keys. These are:

  • F1: Speak and Spell lookup word.
  • F2: Summary for word.
  • F3: Definition Mode (default).
  • F4: Synonym Mode.
  • F5: Go backwards.
  • F6: Repeat.
  • F7: Go forwards.
  • F8: Spell synonym or alternative (spell checker) word.
  • Control B: Browse the dictionary.
  • Spacebar is used when browsing to lookup current browsed word.
  • Control Alt B: Resume browsing after word lookup.

Advanced Key List:
Press Control F9 for a list of all advanced command keys. These are:

F9: Basic key list.

Control F9: Advanced key list.

Control Alt Z: Setup Wizard.

F10: Keyboard echo.

F11: Copyright information.

F12: Look up synonym or spell check alternative word.

Control F1: Toggle focus mode. This control is used to decide whether the dictionary is always on top or not.

Control F2: Stop the dictionary talking.

Control F4: Temporarily toggle speech on or off.

Control F5: Toggle verbose mode on or off.

Control F6: Toggle help mode on or off.

Control F12: Exit the program.

Control H: Hide the dictionary (in the system tray).

Control Alt R: Return dictionary from system tray.

Control Alt C: Copies current definition, synonym or spell check alternative to clipboard.

Control F11: Spell checks selected word text in another program.

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