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RWF Talking Software Product Downloads
Our product trial versions can be downloaded from this page.

Important Notice: We are offering four free products when you order Talking Dictionary on CD. Follow this link for more details.

Our products are regularly checked for viruses and spyware using the latest tools and technologies. Our website’s “Google Safe Browsing” status can be found here.

Talking Dictionary
You can download our critically acclaimed Talking Dictionary by following this link.

Talking Event Scheduler - Free Product Number One.
You can download our critically acclaimed Talking Event Scheduler by following this link.

You get the full version of this handy spoken word / wav file reminder on CD with no restrictions or limitations. Easily add spoken appointments, notes, reminders and etc with the minimum of hassle with this easy to use utility.

Talking Calculator - Free Product Number Two.
You get the full version of this versatile, formulaic and fully featured calculator with no restrictions or limitations. Our Talking Calculator can record and play back complex calculations. This can be useful for household budgets, expenses and any calculation you perform regularly.

Talking Maze Game - Free Product Number Three.
You get the full version of this distracting “golf style” maze game. Of course, this product is the full and unrestricted version. Navigate through a maze in as few moves as possible, losing points every time you collide with a wall. A great way to train your spatial awareness and memory.

Download Trial Version

Talking Find a Word- Free Product Number Four
You get the full version of this word finder game. You are presented with a ten letter word and within 5 minutes you have to find as many words of three letters or more as you can. Great fun and, again, designed from the ground up completely for blind computer users.

Talking Dictionary Support Files:
These are the latest Talking Dictionary support files and downloads.

User Manual - Plain Text Format

Web Based HTML Help

Installation Instructions (mp3)

Quick Start Guide (mp3)

WAV Keystroke Listing