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Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the FAQ section of our website. Weíll attempt to answer some of our more common questions here. if you donít see your issue donít worry - just
contact us and weíll get back to you within 12 hours. Usually much faster.

What is RWF Talking Software?
Thatís the name of our company. Itís named after me, the owner and software designer. My name is Richard Walter Fairbairn, hence RWF Talking Software.

Why is the website so basic?
Well, Iím not a web designer and I donít want to force the price of our products up another few dollars per installation just to hire one. I use NetObjects Fusion 7 to maintain the site. The basic style also suits most screen readers and helps less experienced users navigate. Iím sorry if you were expecting Flash animations and interactive applets beeping and flashing left, right and center - Iíve not got the time for all that. Iíve got real work to do.

What software do you do?
We have an excellent Talking Dictionary for the blind. Up until a few years ago it was the only one of its kind. It will always be the first of its kind and, as far as I can help it, the cheapest.

We also offer a simple yet powerful Talking Event Scheduler thats very useful for those important appointments, birthdays, meetings and other special events.

Our Talking Calculator is a useful improvement on the standard Windows Calculator. Weíve added the ability to store and playback common calculations. You can even change the values of calculations as they are played back so you can use the calculator for your household budget, business expenses or any situation where the calculation is similar but the values can change.

Talking Maze Game is a golf style game for the blind. You navigate mazes without colliding with the walls. Each maze has a certain par and this allows you a certain number of wall strikes. Strike the wall too many times and youíll fail that maze.