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Online Help and Assistance
Talking Dictionary has various methods of providing useful assistance. See the control definitions below for details:

Verbose Mode:
During normal usage the dictionary provides wordy assistance. This is known as verbose mode. This can be switched off by pressing Control and F5 if you do not need or want this assistance.

Help Mode:
The dictionary can explain the meaning of each key (as it is pressed) by pressing Control and F6. Help Mode is useful to ensure that you fully understand each key's purpose.

Keyboard Echo:
When Keyboard Echo is activated the dictionary will speak each key as it is pressed. This is very useful to make sure you are keying in the letters correctly when searching for words. Keyboard Echo is switched on and off by pressing the F10 button.

Basic Key List:
Press F9 for a list of all basic command keys.

Advanced Key List:
Press Control F9 for a list of all advanced command keys.

In addition to these controls, its possible to access a text file of instructions from the dictionary program folder. The file is called README.TXT and is accessible via the shortcut Talking Dictionary Text Help in the Talking Dictionary program group.

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