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Talking Dictionary Options:
These controls are for advanced users only. They can be accessed with or without a screen reader. However, accessing these keys without a screen reader is only possible if the "tab navigation" option has been selected.

Tab Navigable Controls:
Allows conventional tab navigation like a normal windows program. Note for blind users: If you do not have a screen reader you should also select the Control Echo option in order to hear the currently selected control.

Lookup Word Auto-Focus:
When this control is activated the Lookup Word (keyword) will automatically be selected and filled when you press any character key during normal dictionary operation. This is useful for quickly typing in and looking up words without having to navigate to the Lookup Word text field.

Dictionary Speech Enabled:
Disables or enables Talking Dictionary's built in speech. If you have a screen reader that you want to use with Talking Dictionary you can disable Talking Dictionary's built in speech. Note that we also recommend selecting the Tab Navigable Controls option if you want to use your own screen reader with Talking Dictionary.

Program Focus:
If you want Talking Dictionary to always be on top (i.e., in front of other programs) select the Always on Top option. Otherwise select the Normal option (recommended).

Help File:
If you want to use an internet based help file select Normal Help. Otherwise you can access text file based help, which you may find easier to read with some screen readers. Note that the CD version of Talking Dictionary is supplied with audio instructions that you might find more convenient.

Default All:
Use this button to return the controls to the factory preset and preferred settings.

Contacting Us:
If you have a support issue that you would like help with please contact us by using the support form on our website

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