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Since we started developing and producing our software we have been very privileged to have our product reviewed by numerous publications and organizations, including the United Kingdom’s BBC Radio 4 and the United States’ ACB Radio.

If you’d like to hear some of our reviews you can try them using the links below. Some of these are fairly large files, although we’ve compressed them as much as we can without totally ruining the audio quality. All reviews are in mp3 format:

**New Infosound Review of Talking Dictionary 9.8.5
Hear the Complete Blindtech 7 Review of Talking Calculator and Talking Dictionary
Hear Talking Calculator Blindtech Review Only
Hear Talking Dictionary Blindtech Review Only
Hear Radio 4 Review
Hear ACB Radio Review
Hear Infotech Review

Here are some of the awards accredited to our Talking Software products:

Due to the number of downloads that your product had from our users and based on our own review we decided to grant your product with the DevGalaxy "5 Stars Award". This means that "Talking Dictionary" is highly appreciated and already in the top of the searches.

TALKING dictionary
Congratulations! Due to many tests that we have been done to your product and our user's ratings, we decided to grant your product with GTDownload "5 Stars Award". This means that "Talking Dictionary 8.5.0" is highly appreciated and already in the top of the searches.

Thank you for visiting our site.
Your program Talking Event Scheduler on out web site has a 5 rating now!

Congratulations! Our staff decided to rate "Talking Event Scheduler" with 4 stars.

soooooft 5 star award talking dictionary

“Talking Dictionary has been added to soooooft.com and received soooooft.com 5-star rating. Congratulations!”


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