Talking Calculator

Talking Calculator operates in the same way as an everyday handheld or PC based calculator; calculations are performed using the number buttons and arithmetic operators. Special functions such as tangent, cosine, root, etc. are performed using keystrokes. Note that sighted computer users can also use the mouse pointer in the usual way.

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Talking Calculator is a perfect Windows based calculator for the blind computer user. It is completely speech enabled, like all our products, and is easy to use. Talking Calculator includes normal and scientific functions and can store and replay calculations. Numeric values can be changed during playback of stored calculations. Talking Calculator has been tested and is digitally signed for use on personal computers running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

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  • Self contained speech module – no screen reader required.
  • Easy to remember keystrokes or mouse control.
  • Standard arithmetic and scientific operators included.
  • Advanced memory functions allow the calculator to store and replay calculations.
  • Calculations can be altered during playback.
  • Calculations can be stored to disk for later recovery and playback.
  • Stored calculations are easy to maintain.

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