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What You Get When You Buy Talking Dictionary:

When you Buy Talking Dictionary Deluxe Edition you receive the following:

Talking Dictionary Deluxe Edition

Talking Dictionary is a speech enabled 250,000 word English dictionary and thesaurus. Like all the talking software products on this site, Talking Dictionary has been designed for use by the non sighted person. All of the controls are easily remembered keyboard shortcuts and it is a very fast and easy program to use.

Talking Dictionary has many outstanding features, such as a powerful spell checker and the ability to quickly scroll through various word definitions and synonyms. The dictionary also comes complete with a “getting started” tutorial which gives you examples of using the dictionary. Comprehensive help is also built into the product.

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The deluxe edition adds a useful “reader” function to the dictionary and greatly improves the quality of the voice. It also the ability to browse the database like an electronic book and a feature that allows you to add limitless annotations to words in the database. Talking Dictionary also includes the following great features as standard:

  • 250,000 source words and a powerful thesaurus.
  • Speaks source words, definitions, synonyms, spell check alternatives etc.
  • Reader function will read clipboard contents or any text document loaded into it.
  • Spells hard to understand source words, synonyms, spell check alternatives etc.
  • Crossword mode provides powerful searches for partially known words.
  • Text and screen sizes easily adjustable for partially sighted users.
  • Screen reader mode for use with an existing screen reader – but works perfectly without one.
  • Browsable from word to word like an electronic book.
  • 24 hour support.
  • Full audio instructions included on the CD.
  • Full text instructions included on the CD.
  • A free formulaic Talking Calculator – CD version only.
  • A free talking word game – CD version only.
  • A free talking event scheduler – CD version only.
  • A free talking maze game – CD version only.

Talking Event Scheduler – Free Product Number One:

You get the full version of this handy spoken word / wav file reminder on CD with no restrictions or limitations. Easily add spoken appointments, notes, reminders and etc with the minimum of hassle with this easy to use utility.

Talking Calculator – Free Product Number Two:

talking calculator

You get the full version of this versatile, formulaic and fully featured calculator with no restrictions or limitations. Our Talking Calculator can record and play back complex calculations. This can be useful for household budgets, expenses and any calculation you perform regularly.

Talking Maze Game – Free Product Number Three:

You get the full version of this distracting “golf style” maze game. Of course, this product is the full and unrestricted version. Navigate through a maze in as few moves as possible, losing points every time you collide with a wall. A great way to train your spatial awareness and memory.

Talking Find a Word- Free Product Number Four:

You get the full version of this word finder game. You are presented with a ten letter word and within 5 minutes you have to find as many words of three letters or more as you can. Great fun and, again, designed from the ground up completely for blind computer users.

Easy Audio Instructions:

The Talking Dictionary audio instructions are supplied on the CD, complete with installation guide and a friendly “getting started” section to help you make the most of your new product.

Full Support:

We’re here to help and will reply to your support issues as quickly as we can. Our Contact Details are here and we can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You get 3 months free post sales support when you buy any product.

Buy Online Now:

You can Buy Talking Dictionary online now using our secure and trusted ecommerce solution “BMT Micro”. You can also Buy using PayPal or use our telephone Buying service. We’re here to help you – however you need us.

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